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Family is Always Family

June 30, 2008

Family is always family


Troy Westerman was my grandfather and one of the most inspirational men I have known in my life.  He was a simple hard working man with little wealth in dollars but great wealth in love.  My parents got divorced when I was seven but every time I visited my grandma and grandpa Westerman, my father’s parents, I never got out the door to go home with out Papa Troy telling me to give my mom a hug and kiss for him.  It was the last time I would ever see him, when he was sick from cancer that I realized that to him my mother would always be family.  He was weak and could not spend much time out of bed.  He had forgotten weather not he eat that day and was not sure who his sister was when Grandma brought up something she had said the day before, but when I went to leave he came out and hugged me at the back door and told me to give my mom a hug and kiss for him.  Here he was suffering from illness and he was not going to let me go with a hug or telling me to say hello to my mom.  He was always like that Family was always Family and he would always love his.  Remember to love your family as they are the only people who will always love you.  By Nick Westerman