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The Masters and Tiger is back

April 9, 2009

I always like to throw in my two cents on the Major Golf Touraments.  So her we go.  I think it will be hard to beat Tiger now that he is back and apears to be on track.  I like to see the best and Tiger is just that in Golf.  The underdog I like to rout for is Nick Whatney.  He has a cady who is a lovcal Folsom guy and we like the locals.  I was surproised to see that one of the experts from also had Whatney as a guy to watch. 

This is a picture of the 14th whole.  one of the toughest par threes around. 

It will be fun to see how the Masters plays out.


Supper Bowl at Sutter Club

January 27, 2009

The Supper Bowl is always a good time for parties.  The Sutter Club has a good one every year.  Cyndi and the rest of the Sutter Club Bar Tenders make up snacks and food for the customers and several of the regulars bring their own spacial dishes.  There is always a good turn out and you have to get there early to get a seet at the bar.  With several flat screen TVs and a pull down big screen there are plenty of spots to view the game from.  I try to do my best to help out so typically I stay out of Cyndi and Momma’s way. 🙂

My favorite part is all the people you see.  Many of my friends don’t make it to The Club that often anymore but when it comes to the Supper Bowl party.  I think they typically run happy hour for the first half at least but even if they don’t there is no better prices in town for having a few drinks and visiting with good people.  almost everyone works on the Supper Bowl, so Cyndi will be working from 1 to 4 to get you started on the game.  Plan ahead and get there early to get a seat.

Supper Bowl

January 19, 2009

Wow!  What an enteresting weekend in Playoff Football.  I was not surprised by the outcomes of the games, but was impressed with how good the games were.  The Cards are hanging around to give me a shot at some posible profit in Fantasy football.  Fitzgarold has proven to be unstopable.  The Supper Bowl will be a lot of fun and I think it will be a good game.  I don’t like the break between now and the game.  I would prefer theyy just played next weekend.  Oh well, next weekend will be boring but the SUpper Bowl will come and then no more football for 7months. 

At least there will be the draft in April.

Wild Weekend

January 12, 2009

The playoff were pretty unexpected this weekend.  With three underdogs winning on the road.  The only favorite to win was the Steelers:.  This mean the only pick I got right was the Steelers:, Ouch!  Well with the NFC coming down to two u3nlikely finalist I am rooting for the Cards:, and the AFC is the Steelers: to loose.  In my fantasy league I am still alive with two players left to score me some points.  Right now I am in the playoff money but I sit in third.  The team above me in second has no one left playing however, so I should be able to take his spot away.  There are still teams below me with more players than I have left.  I don’t know how it will play out but for now, GO CARDS;.

Playoff this Weekend

January 9, 2009

Hello everyone,

The NFL Playoffs are on again this weekend.  While I know longer care who wins, I have some fantasy players going and will be watching the games.  Cyndi is working at the Sutter Club all day Saturday and will have the games on in the afternoon for all of you who are looking for some place fun to go watch the game.  I am picking the Panther’s of the Cards, the Titans over the Ravens, the Steelers over the Chargers, and the Giants over the (Curse words). 

Hope to see some of you at the club for the games.

antasy Fun

November 14, 2008

Mark and I are 7 and 3 so far this year in Fantasy Football with the Coaches.  We had the high week last week and are hoping for a good week this week.  We recently picked up and started playing Matt Ryan and he did good for us last week.  Thought the first half of the season we could not get enough week in and week out from our players to get into to the money for the first half totals, but we are still in the running for the second half with our huge week last week and the year end.  Matt Forte has been our most consistent scorer for the team and we are thinking he will have a huge week this week.  I have had a lot of fun working with a partner this year and I think we will do better than I did by myself last year.  Hope you are having fun with your Fantasy Football.

Wild Hawk Golf

November 12, 2008

Folsom Coaches Golf Club was at it again on Saturday at Wild Hawk Golf Course.  We had our first official tournament of the new golf year on Saturday and I played with guys.  Three was 28 of us total and the three guys I played with are three of my Favorites.  The golf course was in good condition and accept for one short rain storm we Had a dry day.  I did not play good but that is to be expected.  my goal was to break a 120, and that still doesn’t get me into my handicap, but I failed.  I shot a 146 I think but some of those strokes I can’t post.  Jerry, who just one the Club Championship last month, one the low gross with a even par 72.  That beat my score for the front 9 and he played all 18.  There was plenty of rough grass, and I hit into all of it.  OH well, maybe next time.  I still love playing golf, I just hate sand traps and rough grass.

Wild Hawk Tournanment

November 6, 2008

On Saturday Nov. 8th I will be playing in the first tournament of the new FCGCgolf year.  I am playing in a foursome with a group of guys I relay love and respect so it should be a lot of fun.  I am told this golf course is pretty wide open so I can spray the ball a little, not like Mt Shasta, that should make it a little more fun for me.  I am hoping to break a 120 that would be an improvement for me of late but still won’t help me get into my handicap.  I will let you all know how it went.

Monday Night Football Nov. 3 2008

November 3, 2008

Tonight is a big match up for Monday Night Football with the Steelers going to DC to meet the Redskins.  In my fantasy football league, I am looking for a high scoring game.  I can win the match up and maybe get into the winnerr’s for the first half with big nights from Big Ben, and Ward of the Steelers, and Moss of the Redskins.  I will be at the Sutter Club to watch the game at least for the first half.  At half time they are going to interview the Presidential candidates, why they need to do that on Monday Night Football I don’t know.?  Last chance to hear from them I guess before you go to vote tomorrow.  Have a great night!

Oh No Cowboys

October 28, 2008

With Romo out and the Cowboys offense struggling the Cowboys get to face the NY Giants.  This does not look very good for my “boys.  They need this win badly for the division but without a QB who can get rid of the ball without getting sacked it doesn’t look good.  My hope is that the defense can step up and force some turn overs to help the offense score.  We will see this weekend.