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We Have Been Saved!

January 30, 2009

Watching the news this morning…………………….  Thank god for Obama and Biden!  I didn’t know we needed a “middle class task force” but appears that I was out of the loop and forgot that we had not moved fast enough towards “cradle to grave” protection.  The federal government is now moving at lightning speed toward unadulterated socialism.  Well, good luck folks!  Everything is now ok and your life is completely protected by the Federal government.  I suggest you stop by their new website and let them know how happy you are with the $750 billion that was spent 3 months ago.  That huge success could only be topped by spending another $819 billion 2 days ago.  Bravo!  In the infinite wisdom of our elected officials we have locked in guaranteed inflation for the next 5 to 10 years and saddled out grandchildren and great grandchildren with over $25,000 for each current citizen of the united states.  As I said BRAVO!  What a wonderful thing we have just done!  By the way, when the government calls the biggest pork spending bill in the history of the world the “Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act” you should immediately know without even looking that it’s absolute bullshit.  The federal government does not invest in anything……………  It only confiscates and redistributes money as dictated by our elected officials.  If this pork bill makes it through the senate we will look back on this time and see government economic stupidity redefined from the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Act to this bill in front of us right now.  Can you say Boston Tea Party!  So, that’s my opinion.  If you agree please let me know and if not please explain which part of  econ 101 I missed!