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Poem To My Wife

October 2, 2008

Ok you might call me corny but here is a poem I worte my wife shortly after we got married, so in honor of our anniversary I thought I would post it.

Blue eyed Baby


A Blue Eyed Baby owns my heart

She kisses my soul and it never is tart

She holds the key to my mind

And never shares it in a way unkind


A Blue Eyed Baby controls my eyes

They never look off and never do they cry

A Blue Eyed Baby holds my hand

Giving my the strength to stand


My life to her I gave without concern

She is a woman from who all could learn

My life is held tightly and secure

In her arms no harm will occur


Don’t get me wrong we might fight

But I can’t then go to sleep at night

Don’t get me wrong we feel lots of stress

But when holding her I can pass the test.


My Blue Eyed Baby gave me her life

One that I will protect with fists or knife

My Blue Eyed Baby told me I can

And with her love I will be a man


My Blue Eyed Baby and I will never part

My Blue Eyed Baby owns my heart

By Nick Westerman