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The Masters and Tiger is back

April 9, 2009

I always like to throw in my two cents on the Major Golf Touraments.  So her we go.  I think it will be hard to beat Tiger now that he is back and apears to be on track.  I like to see the best and Tiger is just that in Golf.  The underdog I like to rout for is Nick Whatney.  He has a cady who is a lovcal Folsom guy and we like the locals.  I was surproised to see that one of the experts from also had Whatney as a guy to watch. 

This is a picture of the 14th whole.  one of the toughest par threes around. 

It will be fun to see how the Masters plays out.


Golf at Mather

April 9, 2009

On the 29th of March I played with the Coaches Golf Club at Mather in a small Tournament.  I played only in the sense that I was out there swinging a golf club.  I was horrible that day.  No matter how many times I told myself or the people I was playing with told me to slow down my swing I couldn’t do it.  I had a bad mental day out there and shot in the 130s again..  Oh well, one step forward two steps back.

Going back to my Birthday!

April 9, 2009

On March 15th of this year I turned 30.  My sister and brother in-law through me a great party.  We played poker into the early morning hours.  and it was a lot of fun.  The next morning Rondal and Steve and I went and played at Travis Air Force Base Golf Course.  I had a great time and hit the ball very well for me.  I shot a 116 one of my better rounds (remember I am blind when you start to laugh).  I also got my first birdie.  It was a par 3 and I put the tee shot about 10 feet out.  I thought I hit the put to hard and missed it but it dropped right in.  I was pretty excited.  I think my friend Steve still won the round even though he has not played golf in like 9 months, JERK.  Oh well, we all had a good time and I liked the golf course a lot.

Wild Hawk Golf

November 12, 2008

Folsom Coaches Golf Club was at it again on Saturday at Wild Hawk Golf Course.  We had our first official tournament of the new golf year on Saturday and I played with guys.  Three was 28 of us total and the three guys I played with are three of my Favorites.  The golf course was in good condition and accept for one short rain storm we Had a dry day.  I did not play good but that is to be expected.  my goal was to break a 120, and that still doesn’t get me into my handicap, but I failed.  I shot a 146 I think but some of those strokes I can’t post.  Jerry, who just one the Club Championship last month, one the low gross with a even par 72.  That beat my score for the front 9 and he played all 18.  There was plenty of rough grass, and I hit into all of it.  OH well, maybe next time.  I still love playing golf, I just hate sand traps and rough grass.

Wild Hawk Tournanment

November 6, 2008

On Saturday Nov. 8th I will be playing in the first tournament of the new FCGCgolf year.  I am playing in a foursome with a group of guys I relay love and respect so it should be a lot of fun.  I am told this golf course is pretty wide open so I can spray the ball a little, not like Mt Shasta, that should make it a little more fun for me.  I am hoping to break a 120 that would be an improvement for me of late but still won’t help me get into my handicap.  I will let you all know how it went.

Sunday at Mather

October 7, 2008

Well my good hitting up at Shasta did not continue this week at Mather.  I shot pretty bad but I would have been much better if I could have hit a drive.  The other problem was that Mather had just punched the greens so they were slow and uneven.  I had mostly three putsand that is not good for getting your score down.  The rest of the guys played pretty good but I would bet they all would say the same thing about the greens.

Shasta Golf

September 27, 2008

Wow what a weekend!  Both the golf courses we played this weekend were fantastic.  Very well kept and very challenging.

Friday Sept 2:  I got picked up at about 5:30 am by my friend and his father.  We headed up the road toward Mt. Shasta.  The first excitement came when we were just north of Sacramento.  A driver entered the freeway and began changing lanes over to the fast lane.  We were in the furthest left lane of the freeway when he came in behind us and proceeded to go into what he must have thought to be another lane to the left.  My friends father was driving and saw the whole thing happening.  He changed lanes and accelerated to the right hand lanes as he saw the driver slam into the center divider and began to spin.  We avoided being caught up in the accident but not by much.  Good thing our driver was paying attention.  After that the drive was much easier.  We went to the breakfast joint and watched several other people in our group roll in.  Breakfast was pretty good and we finished and proceed to Shasta to check into the Hotel.  We got two rooms that had a sweet in between so we could open the door inside our rooms and connect them into one big room.  It was a very nice room and the people at the Woodsman resort were very nice.  We arrived at Lake Shastina Golf Course at around 11 am and got our groups together for the round.  I played the first round with Coach and John the organizer of the event and another man they knew well.  The golf course was great; too bad my game was not.  I think I lost about six balls and shot a 136.  Not good but for me on a course I have never played before it was pretty good.  We would have played much faster but Bobo was in front of us and we had to wait.  We had a good time though and Coach gave me plenty of pointers.

Saturday Sept 27:  We woke up early to meet for breakfast.  The local dinner was ok not the best breakfast in the world but a good solid base to start the day.  We played in a four person scramble tournament for the benefit of the local high schools Jazz Program.  There were probably 60 people participating in the scramble and more than half were from our group.  The director of the event made sure to tell John he would like us back again next year for their event.  I played with my friend and his father and a friend of his father’s.  We had a good time and shot ok we finished one under but that was I think the worst score of the event.  My friend and his dad were the best golfer in our group the other guy was worse than me. Most of the drives came from my friend’s father, he really carried us.  The golf course was Mt Shasta Resort, and it was a different and more challenging course for me than the one yesterday.  Lots of tree and lots of hazards combined with my great skills to help me loose about five balls, and this is in a scramble when I am not even playing my own shots.  I had some good hits (mostly on trees) and really enjoyed the time with my boys. 

Sunday Sept 28:  Another early day for me and the boys.  My Friend and his dad did not stay to play Sunday instead they headed back to Folsom.  I moved my stuff over into Coach’s car and got ready to leave right after golf.  We had breakfast at the same little dinner again and went out to Mt. Shasta Golf Course for another tournament, this time playing our own balls.  I played with another group of local Folsom guys on Sunday.  These guys are all pretty good at golf so I was a little nervous that I might mess up their game with my awfulness. One of the guys gave me some new golf balls in exchange for an item I had won the day before in the Raffle which was cool to me because I need some more balls to lose.  I played pretty well not that my score of 143 would show that, but it was a good day and I had some really good holes.  I even drove it on the green on one par three.  That of course is what most people do, but I am not most people.  One of the guys was helping line up my shot, when another said “Your sending him left of the green.”  To which he replied I am playing his slice.  As a blind guy it helps me a lot to have some line me up and even better if they know how I am hitting it.  Coach of course tells me I should learn how to not slice the ball.  Oh well. 

I am not sure when I will play again but hopefully soon. 

Shasta Trip

September 25, 2008

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning to go to Mount Shasta for three full days of golf.  Sense it has been a little while sense I have played I am hoping not to get to tired.  When I get back I will give you a round by round break down of my fantastic golf… or not so fantastic golf.  If I get wireless at the hotel I might even update it over the weekend.  I am going to miss most of the football games this weekend so I need you ail to cheer for the Cowboys for me.

Golf or Fishing???

September 9, 2008

Well I played in the Annual Stroke and Poke Golf Tournament this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and we did not win.  The theme this year was a Fisher’s Flair.  My wonderful wife went all out dressing me up to look like a nut..  I am on the right if you did not know in the picture above.  I will tell you this much it is not easy to golf with hooks in your vest.  But in the end it was worth it my wife (n or her creation that is) won best dressed.  I also won shortest drive b, but I think the others were just to scared to right their names down.  I did not play that good but I am not a big Fan of that golf coarse.  Latter this month I am going to Shasta for three days to play golf with a big group of friends I will let you know how it goes.


August 13, 2008

Well it is hot again here in Folsom CA.  I really want to go play golf but it is so hot I am not sure I could last through 18 holes.  My goal for the coming weeks is to keep doing open houses with Kenberlynn and hopefully getting some more good leads that will result in some good closing, so that I can go play golf more.  I will be playing in a three day tournament in September at Shasta.  There is a lot of guys going from around here and it should be a lot of fun.  I probably will play a scramble on September sixth for the stroke and poke if they have room for me and I am trying to get out this weekend to play at Mather.  So I need to get some work done and make sure I can afford all this fun.