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Supper Bowl at Sutter Club

January 27, 2009

The Supper Bowl is always a good time for parties.  The Sutter Club has a good one every year.  Cyndi and the rest of the Sutter Club Bar Tenders make up snacks and food for the customers and several of the regulars bring their own spacial dishes.  There is always a good turn out and you have to get there early to get a seet at the bar.  With several flat screen TVs and a pull down big screen there are plenty of spots to view the game from.  I try to do my best to help out so typically I stay out of Cyndi and Momma’s way. 🙂

My favorite part is all the people you see.  Many of my friends don’t make it to The Club that often anymore but when it comes to the Supper Bowl party.  I think they typically run happy hour for the first half at least but even if they don’t there is no better prices in town for having a few drinks and visiting with good people.  almost everyone works on the Supper Bowl, so Cyndi will be working from 1 to 4 to get you started on the game.  Plan ahead and get there early to get a seat.


City to Cut Jobs

January 14, 2009

In this economy everyone is taking a hit, except the top dogs.  In the City Manager of Folsom new proposal many area of importance to the residents are being cut.  However, the city manager himself, the highest paid city manager outside of Sacramento in the county and several others, is feeling no pain.  His salary of over $212,000 dollars, twice that of similar sized city, Auburn is not being cut.  Nor is the assistant city manager who also makes more than the city of Auburns manager.  There are cuts to the police department, but not to the Chiefs salary, same with the fire department.  I find it interesting the Parks and Recreations Department can bare the brunt of the entire city budget problem.  Our kids don’t need nice places to play, or organized sports, as long as the big guys can still get their money.  I am not against ”The Man” as much as it might seem, but I do question why they boast one thing and do the other.  Do they think the people of Folsom are too stupid to see that they are still getting their share while we as citizens of the city get the shaft/  It is our tax dollars that pay the bills, but the things we hold dear to us in our community take the wrath.  The new budget has not yet been passed but it will be reviewed for the final council meeting of the month.  You can read the dumbed down unclear version on the Folsom Telegraph website, and make the call for yourself.  Who needs a liberty or Zoo?  We have a city manager driving a Bentley.

Catching up

December 12, 2008

It has been a while sense I have been able to Blog.  I have been working at both the Real Estate office and with my Father on Right of Way things.  Working with my Dad has been great.  I have been learning a lot about Right of Way and data.  We have been updating the line sheets for one of his clients and it is not really exciting work but it is nice and consistent.  I have been splitting my time between my Dad’s office and the Avalar office.  Mortgage business has been slow and almost impossible.  So it is a good thing my Dad needed some help. 

Cyndi and I have been trying to figure out what we can get people for Christmas.  This year will be a late Christmas for us, so we are trying to be creative. 

The Christmas Fare in Folsom was last weekend and it was very busy for the street.  I don’t think there were too many people buying anything but they were out looking.  I feel bad for my friends on the street.  They are having a down year.  I know everyone is, but Christmas is when these shops make their money to get them through the year.  Mark Snyder at the house of Jade told me this has been their worst fall sense they opened 32 years ago.  Mark is a good friend and my partner in the Fantasy Football league with the Coaches.  On that subject we had a good year so far and finished first in the league record wise.  We are hoping for a win this weekend and a trip to our super bowl next week. 

Christmas is about giving, and this year is a time when many people are in need.  Avalar has joined the “Adopt a Family” program with the Twin Lakes Food Bank. We are looking forward to helping one family in Folsom enjoy their Christmas. 

I will try to get back to the blog more often thank you to those who read. 


Wild Hawk Golf

November 12, 2008

Folsom Coaches Golf Club was at it again on Saturday at Wild Hawk Golf Course.  We had our first official tournament of the new golf year on Saturday and I played with guys.  Three was 28 of us total and the three guys I played with are three of my Favorites.  The golf course was in good condition and accept for one short rain storm we Had a dry day.  I did not play good but that is to be expected.  my goal was to break a 120, and that still doesn’t get me into my handicap, but I failed.  I shot a 146 I think but some of those strokes I can’t post.  Jerry, who just one the Club Championship last month, one the low gross with a even par 72.  That beat my score for the front 9 and he played all 18.  There was plenty of rough grass, and I hit into all of it.  OH well, maybe next time.  I still love playing golf, I just hate sand traps and rough grass.

Adopt a Family in Folsom

November 4, 2008

I asaw in the Folsom Newsletter the Adopt a Family Drive from the Folsom Police Department and the Twin Lakes Food Bank.  After I asked my Step dad and company owner, Rory, if we as a company shoudl participate and he was all for it.  The program asks the Donater to buy a Christmas dinner for a family and provide two gifts for each child. 

I am excited about this and am trying to come up with a good contest or raffle to get our 50_ agents involved.  I think that Christmas is one of the best times of the year and making some young child whose family may not have much for the holiday smile is a great feeling.  Anyone who wants to participate with usat Avalar Real Estate and Mortgage can email me at and if you would like to adopt a family of you own you can contact the Twin Lakes Food Bank in Folsom at (916) 985 6232.  Have a wonderful holiday season.

Poor Kids

October 29, 2008

I was down town on Sutter Street this weekend and it was really busy on Saturday.  They were having a Trick or Treat day with the local merchants on the street for the kids.  There were lots of kids in cute costumes and lots of people.  I think it was a success for most of them.  However on Sunday, the day after the event, I saw two poor kids all dressed up walking down the street with their mom.  Apparently she did not get the right day and brought them down a day late.  Most of the shops were closed and or did not have candy left.  I hope that they got something for their efforts, their mom should be nominated for worst mom of the year award.

Folsom City Elections

October 29, 2008

Mayor King is stepping down this year which will leave a seat open in the city of Folsom.  I am Supporting Arnez for that seat and am hopeful that one of the other newcomers can win the other seat.  I am not against the current council s much as I am felling the need for a change in power.  Folsom has grown nicely, but I would like to see more done to help businesses in the City as well as promote the Historic District more.  I would like to see more new jobs come to the city, and a better plan for low income housing that won’t take away the values of our real estate.  New direction is needed as the current council has been there for a long time with little change in it’s members.

Folsom Live

September 24, 2008

Folsom Live will be coming this weekend to Sutter Street.  Saturday the 27th is Folsom Live and the street will be closed and fenced off for the attendees.  This event brings several bands down to the street to play and entertain all the people who attend.  Last year it was packed! 

This year I will not be there because I will be golfing in Shasta for the whole weekend.  (Check Back next week to find out how I did(  MY lovely wife will be working at the Sutter Club all day to help you get the party started.  Get down there early even if you have tickets the parking and seats fill up fast.  You may want to take light rail which I believe will be running late to accommodate the event.  You can get your tickets from the Chamber on Wull Street. 
One of our company owners will be in attendance and will be playing latter that night withhis band Joe Friday.  Russ Knapp the base player for Joe Friday is a partner with Rory (My Step Dad) in the ownership of Avalar Real Estate and Mortgage Network in Folsom and Roseville.  So stop on by the Hotel at around 9 pm to say hello to the band.

Peddler’s Fair Success

September 22, 2008

The Fall Peddler’s fair in Historic Folsom was a big success.  There were lots of people and lots of Peddler’s.  I and my Wife really enjoyed ourselves.  She did not get the pan she thought she wanted but we did get her a beautiful Jade necklace From Synder’s House of Jade.  We spent most of the day watching football games and walking the fair.  It was a wonderful Sunday

Folsom Fall Peddler’s Fair

September 18, 2008

ON Sunday September 21st, Folsom will host it’s annual Fall Peddler’s Fair on Historic Sutter Street.  This fair is a lot of fun and a good way to get an early jump on Christmas shopping for that hard to buy for relative.  There are many unique and one of a kind items to choose from.  Peddler’s come from all over to display and sell there goods.  It is like having EBay on Sutterstreet.  There is a lot to do for the whole family.  Gun good and rare items will make you enjoy the parking mess.  The light rail will be running so many people park at the light rail stations and ride the train down to the Sutter street stop.  You can park at the outlets on Iron Point or at the Glen station.  I am not sure but the light rail may even be free to those going to the fair.  The parking garage at the corner of Leadsdorf should also be a great place to find parking if you get there early.  Remember women you can go shop the fair while your man relaxes at the Sutter Club watching the NFL games and NASCAR.