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antasy Fun

November 14, 2008

Mark and I are 7 and 3 so far this year in Fantasy Football with the Coaches.  We had the high week last week and are hoping for a good week this week.  We recently picked up and started playing Matt Ryan and he did good for us last week.  Thought the first half of the season we could not get enough week in and week out from our players to get into to the money for the first half totals, but we are still in the running for the second half with our huge week last week and the year end.  Matt Forte has been our most consistent scorer for the team and we are thinking he will have a huge week this week.  I have had a lot of fun working with a partner this year and I think we will do better than I did by myself last year.  Hope you are having fun with your Fantasy Football.


Fantasy Football

September 23, 2008

Well I lost a match this weekend.  We lost by just two points.  We had great performances from our RBs Lynch and Forte, but got very little from our QB and nothing at all from our WRs.  Just a few more yard from one WR would have got us 5 more points and given us a win in the head to head match up.  This next weekend we have two WRs on bye weeks so we need to make a move and trade one or drop someone and pick up another WR who can score us some points this week.

Fantasy Football

September 9, 2008

This week was the first week in our fantasy football league.  My new partner, Mark, must have helped because we got high score for the week.  The funny thing to me was one of our guys traded up to get the second pick in the draft, i thought it was to take Peterson of Min but no he took Tom Brady.  Unfortunately for him Brady is now out for the year.  Hopefully my luck continues next week.

Football Season is Almost Here

August 5, 2008

“Are You Ready For Some Football?”

NFL teams are in camp and it is that time of year again when all of us Fantasy Football Players have to evaluate all the guys and start planing our drafts. 

The big saga this year is the Bret Favre deal.  What is he thinking I wish he would have gone out as the great player we all watched.  Now he is making a fool out of himself in my opion.

Oh, well you have to take him if he gets traded some where he can start because he is still good. 


I play in a all offense fantasy league with all my old Folsom buddies.  WE have ten teams and this year I have added a partner.  Mark Snyder from The Snyder’s House of Jade. (a great shop non Sutter Street)  He knows football pretty well and we talk about it all the time so I figured he would be a good partner.  As a Cowboys Fan I have to be careful not to draft all Cowboys so the Niner’s Fan on my team should help.  If you are at all interested you can check the Tag FFF for updates on the Fantasy league as the season goes on.  FFF stand for Folsom Football Follies.