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The Masters and Tiger is back

April 9, 2009

I always like to throw in my two cents on the Major Golf Touraments.  So her we go.  I think it will be hard to beat Tiger now that he is back and apears to be on track.  I like to see the best and Tiger is just that in Golf.  The underdog I like to rout for is Nick Whatney.  He has a cady who is a lovcal Folsom guy and we like the locals.  I was surproised to see that one of the experts from also had Whatney as a guy to watch. 

This is a picture of the 14th whole.  one of the toughest par threes around. 

It will be fun to see how the Masters plays out.


Golf at Mather

April 9, 2009

On the 29th of March I played with the Coaches Golf Club at Mather in a small Tournament.  I played only in the sense that I was out there swinging a golf club.  I was horrible that day.  No matter how many times I told myself or the people I was playing with told me to slow down my swing I couldn’t do it.  I had a bad mental day out there and shot in the 130s again..  Oh well, one step forward two steps back.

Going back to my Birthday!

April 9, 2009

On March 15th of this year I turned 30.  My sister and brother in-law through me a great party.  We played poker into the early morning hours.  and it was a lot of fun.  The next morning Rondal and Steve and I went and played at Travis Air Force Base Golf Course.  I had a great time and hit the ball very well for me.  I shot a 116 one of my better rounds (remember I am blind when you start to laugh).  I also got my first birdie.  It was a par 3 and I put the tee shot about 10 feet out.  I thought I hit the put to hard and missed it but it dropped right in.  I was pretty excited.  I think my friend Steve still won the round even though he has not played golf in like 9 months, JERK.  Oh well, we all had a good time and I liked the golf course a lot.

Getting going

April 9, 2009

This will be the first of a few posts today to try to catch up on the blog.  I have been working very steady in the Right of Way work with my father, chasing pipeline all over CA.  That has been good for the pocket but also the Real Estate work has heated up and I am working with two of my best friends right now to try to get them into a house.  I also have a refi or two I have been working on as many people want to lock in the low interest rates before the inflation period starts and interest rates go threw the roof. 

I am trying to keep my blog up but with little time to write it has been hard of late.  I will make some more time in the future. 

Next week I have the fun task of walking a pipeline from Elk Grove to Stockton.  I guess I need the exercise.