Supper Bowl at Sutter Club

The Supper Bowl is always a good time for parties.  The Sutter Club has a good one every year.  Cyndi and the rest of the Sutter Club Bar Tenders make up snacks and food for the customers and several of the regulars bring their own spacial dishes.  There is always a good turn out and you have to get there early to get a seet at the bar.  With several flat screen TVs and a pull down big screen there are plenty of spots to view the game from.  I try to do my best to help out so typically I stay out of Cyndi and Momma’s way. 🙂

My favorite part is all the people you see.  Many of my friends don’t make it to The Club that often anymore but when it comes to the Supper Bowl party.  I think they typically run happy hour for the first half at least but even if they don’t there is no better prices in town for having a few drinks and visiting with good people.  almost everyone works on the Supper Bowl, so Cyndi will be working from 1 to 4 to get you started on the game.  Plan ahead and get there early to get a seat.


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