House Hunting

I took my best friend Steve out to look at some homes last week and then again this weekend with his Dad.  We have found to homes that meet his liking in the OV, and he is debating which one is better for him and his son.  I liked both homes.  One has a very large lot and is well done inside.  the other is a nice fit also, but it doesn”t have the wow factor of the larger lot home that has lots of upgrades.  The second of the homes is larger in square footage and has 4 bedrooms as to three.  Both are located in good spots and I think he would be happy with either.  The larger lot home as a lot of landscaping to do and maintain.  The other has a nice sized yard and would not require as much work.  It will be fun to help my friend get his first home.  I am excited for him and think he will enjoy making the home his own.  Plus he will have an extra bedroom for me.  In this real estate market their are great opportunities for first time buyers, and Steve has the chance to take advantage of this and build his wealth for the future.  I can see him living in either home for a long time and building equity for him and his family.  Of course I will be trying to get him to put in a pitching and putting green for us to play on.  Good luck bro!


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