City to Cut Jobs

In this economy everyone is taking a hit, except the top dogs.  In the City Manager of Folsom new proposal many area of importance to the residents are being cut.  However, the city manager himself, the highest paid city manager outside of Sacramento in the county and several others, is feeling no pain.  His salary of over $212,000 dollars, twice that of similar sized city, Auburn is not being cut.  Nor is the assistant city manager who also makes more than the city of Auburns manager.  There are cuts to the police department, but not to the Chiefs salary, same with the fire department.  I find it interesting the Parks and Recreations Department can bare the brunt of the entire city budget problem.  Our kids don’t need nice places to play, or organized sports, as long as the big guys can still get their money.  I am not against ”The Man” as much as it might seem, but I do question why they boast one thing and do the other.  Do they think the people of Folsom are too stupid to see that they are still getting their share while we as citizens of the city get the shaft/  It is our tax dollars that pay the bills, but the things we hold dear to us in our community take the wrath.  The new budget has not yet been passed but it will be reviewed for the final council meeting of the month.  You can read the dumbed down unclear version on the Folsom Telegraph website, and make the call for yourself.  Who needs a liberty or Zoo?  We have a city manager driving a Bentley.



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