Waiting for Excitement

It is that time of year.  All the big holidays are over and the football season is in the Playoffs.  Baseball is still months away, and the Kings are horrible.  So there really isn’t much to do.  Work has been slow both in the mortgage business and in the right of way stuff, but thing will be looking up next month.  I guess the next big things to happen in my life will be my birthday on the 15th of March, and the Sutter Street Spring Crafts Fair.  I am not sure what the date is for the fair yet but I will let you know.  This year I am being told I am turning 30, I don’t believe them but that is what they tell me.  I am planning on going to my brother in-law’s poker tournament the Friday before my birthday to have a little fun with him.  I am not good at poker so I am sure I am no threat to his crown.  I have not gotten to play golf in a long time, some because of the weather, and some because of money.  I would really like to play soon or at least get to the driving range.  It is supposed to be nice this weekend so maybe that will work. 



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