New Year

Welcome to 2009.  Cyndi and I had our normal New Year’s eve and day.  We has a little fun early on New Year’s Eve and then went home.  Cyndi made steak and scallops for dinner and I went to sleep long before midnight.  I know “What a party animal.”  Cyndi did stay up until midnight and woke me up to say Happy New Year.  New Year’s Day Cyndi had to work but when she got off we had the traditional Black Eyed Pees and watched TV.  This year is going to be a new time for us.  With mortgages being as they are I have to spend more time finding other things to do.  Working in the Right of Way business has been productive and I am hopeful it can continue.  I know many people are having a tough time in this ecconomy and finding new things to do is hard.  I am very lucky to have a supportive wife with a good job that can help me through this time.  I feel that the corner is about to turn and that we will all have a better year this year as to last.


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