Catching up

It has been a while sense I have been able to Blog.  I have been working at both the Real Estate office and with my Father on Right of Way things.  Working with my Dad has been great.  I have been learning a lot about Right of Way and data.  We have been updating the line sheets for one of his clients and it is not really exciting work but it is nice and consistent.  I have been splitting my time between my Dad’s office and the Avalar office.  Mortgage business has been slow and almost impossible.  So it is a good thing my Dad needed some help. 

Cyndi and I have been trying to figure out what we can get people for Christmas.  This year will be a late Christmas for us, so we are trying to be creative. 

The Christmas Fare in Folsom was last weekend and it was very busy for the street.  I don’t think there were too many people buying anything but they were out looking.  I feel bad for my friends on the street.  They are having a down year.  I know everyone is, but Christmas is when these shops make their money to get them through the year.  Mark Snyder at the house of Jade told me this has been their worst fall sense they opened 32 years ago.  Mark is a good friend and my partner in the Fantasy Football league with the Coaches.  On that subject we had a good year so far and finished first in the league record wise.  We are hoping for a win this weekend and a trip to our super bowl next week. 

Christmas is about giving, and this year is a time when many people are in need.  Avalar has joined the “Adopt a Family” program with the Twin Lakes Food Bank. We are looking forward to helping one family in Folsom enjoy their Christmas. 

I will try to get back to the blog more often thank you to those who read. 



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