Trying something new

The real estate mortgage business has been slow.  I have been helping out the realtors in our offices manage their files for a little extra money; at least the real estate business in our office has been strong.  Real estate is going well and many buyers are taking advantage of the market.  Most however are dong FHA loans which we do not do in our company.  That has led me to look for other options to help my wife pay the bills.  Recently my Dad, Jerry Westerman, has been looking for ways for me to help him increase his business. 

My dad is a right of way consultant.  This means he does everything a company or government body needs in order to gain the easements needed for a project that crosses other properties.  Sometimes the business may have to buy the property and sometimes they just need permission to work on it.  I have been helping him the last two days with a pipeline that has been around for a long time to update the records of property owners and parcels that the line crosses.  This is so when the company needs to check the line or work on it they know who to contact.  It has been fun learning a new business and I am hopeful that I can find others ways to help my dad and maybe make it easier for him to take on larger projects.  In a lot of ways it is similar to real estate, after all we are looking at ownership and either acquiring the property or getting an easement/permission to cross it.  I am still active in the real estate field, but if I can make a little more money and learn a new trade while we are slow, I think it is the best thing to do.  It has been rather exciting the last two days.  I like to learn and new things always inspire me.  Thank Dad; I am looking forward to the opportunity. 




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