Election Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.  We will all decide who will be the next President and establisha new first no matter who is elected.  I am voting for McCain and Palin.  I believe that they will do the best not to mess up the economy and will handle National Security better.  Many people don’t realize the Palin has the highest security clearance of any of the candidates for President or VP.  She has been in charge of the missile defensesystem for the entire nation as Gov. of Alaska.  I have gotten some good comments to help we with some of the Props we have to vote on here in California.  I am now opposed to prop 10 and am still a little undecided on prop 7.  I am leaning towards supporting prop 1a because I believe it will be good for getting Californians back to work.  I defiantly am in favor of the Redistricting measure that will force the politicianss to run in competitive race for state legislature.  Tomorrow my wife and I will go to the polls and by Wednesday the Nation and State will have changed.  Don’t forget to vote no matter what you thoughts are.



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