PROP 7 vs Prop 10

I do not know what the differences are on these to bills, and which one to vote for.  I have heard ads supporting both but only heard ads against Prop 7.  I would like to see these new bills help CA and create new jobs without create a new government department and causing more job loss and more problems.  Anyone out there who can help me figure this out would be great.



4 Responses to “PROP 7 vs Prop 10”

  1. Tellinit Says:

    Prop 7 requires all utility companies to use clean renewable energy to power California at a faster rate so that by 2025 50% of all California’s energy comes from clean renewable energy. The financial responsibility for this rests upon the utility companies.

    My understanding of Prop 10 is that makes its focus is to make it easier for consumers to buy hybrid cars and also consumers rebates for having bought hybrid cars. The money comes from bond money.

  2. folsomnative Says:

    It sounds like that both bills can pass and then don’t oppose each other so that they can both work together? My main concern with these issues is that the create new opportunities for employment without creating a major stain on the economy while doing so. I am a Republican and I see this as a great way to move toward oil independence and create a new industry.

  3. Tellin It Says:

    Glad to help! It is true that our economy is strained and I agree that we must find ways to boost it. The only thing about prop 10 that concerns me is that the funding for our rebates on hybrid cars comes from a bond. If you have any further thoughts about prop 10 I would appreciate your input. I like that prop 7 does not raise taxes or issue any bonds and that it promises to create more jobs by expanding investment in clean renewable energy production. 🙂

  4. agit8 Says:

    League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, Natural Resources Defense Council and Environment California all OPPOSE Prop 10. It squanders $10 billion to steer us away from promising alternative fuel technology, onto a fossil fuel natural gas bridge to nowhere.
    30 daily newspapers wrote editorials against Prop 10. Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols says vote No, and points out that NOTHING in PROP 10 stops interstate trucking companies from moving their trucks to another state after they collect the $50,000 handout. No on 10 – Don’t cut our schools to make a Texas oil tycoon richer. visit:

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