The Election and Prop 8

I am a republican.  Not because I agree with everything they say but economically I side with most republicans.  I wish that economics would stay out of politics because all they have done for the last 70 years is screw it up.  I will vote for McCain and support some of his ideas.  I just can’t vote for a man I feel is a socialist and will ruin this country. 

PROP 8 in CA

This is a horrible thing that we even have to discuses.  Why are we voting and talking about Gay Marriage when our government is taking over banks.  It doesn’t matter one bit to me what two people do and what they call it.  I am not supporting this bill and I am not voting against it.  I am just not going to vote on it at all.  Issues should not be so one side or the other.  With something like this there is no middle.  Yet I am in the middle on it, because I don’t care about it.  If two people marry or don’t it has no effect on me.  Please get the economy that you have messed up fixed and back in control of the people who live in it not the politicians that live above it.  Stop crying over what is a minor issue.  Everyone has the right be life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as long as they do not take that right from someone else.  Can anyone tell me how marriage takes that right from anyone??




2 Responses to “The Election and Prop 8”

  1. Mom-in-Law Sue Says:

    Well Nick, I never thought I’d agree with you much on things poliltical 😉 , but I agree on Prop 8 – why is this such an issue, and why do other people care who else has the right to marry as long as they can still get married? Maybe they should mind their own business if they have any… Let’s put our time into solving real problems that effect all of us. Go Nick!

  2. folsomnative Says:

    Thanks Mom, I find that far to often people on opposite sides agree it is only on pollar issues like this that realy don’t matter in the large sceem of things to most people, that seperate the moderates from the wackos. Most social issues are designed around making people disagree rather than find a solution.

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