Recently I went through the process of getting certified to do CALPERS loans.  CALPERS loans are only for members of the CALPERS system and allow CALPERS members the opportunity to use there contributions to the CALPERS system as a portion of their down payment on a home.  By taking a personal loan against their retirement the member can bring in the remained of what financing they need to get into a home with nothing down.  In this difficult market this is a huge benefit to CALPERS members.  By taking a first mortgage of up to 90% and then using other programs such as the Access Program as a second of up to 8% and the personal loan against their retirement a member can reach 100% financing.  These loans are full doc and carry Mortgage insurance if they LTV is over 80%.  The other nice benefit is that CALPERS buys the loans, so the interest paid on the loans help to solidify the CALPERS system.  There are hundreds of thousands of CALPERS members, both active employees of the state and retired members.  This program provides many Californians with the opportunity to get financing and help solidify their retirement system.  If you are a CALPERS member and are interested in buying a home please let me know.  I can show you how you can reach your goals of home ownership.


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