Nice Trip

Cyndi and I had a great trip to Oregon over the weekend.  It was a lot of driving for a short trip but it was worth it to see my Granma and my Aunt.  We spent Sunday with Granma and Aunt Cladia at my Aunts.  We had a good time talking and playing some dice and card games.  I won the first game we played of each so Granma was not real happy with me.  Ganma likes to win and doesn’t like to lose.  She always plays the game fair she just wants everything to go her way.  Cyndi won a dice game also so after the seconde game we had to quit playing dice because Aunt Cladia and Ganma had not won so they had to show us a new card game called Nines.  It was fun and I won the first game of that too.  The trip was all and all too short but we were glad we could at least get that much time to see my Granma.  The Cabin was nice and the weather was great.



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