What Recession?

A recession is defined by the economic origin that the word came from.  A recession can only be defined by this as the term was created to define this instance only.  The definition of a recession is two consecutive negative growth quarters of the GDP. (GDP-Gross Domestic Product) Therefore while I lessen to the media rant and rave that we are in a depression t, the economic term for 4 consecutive quarters of a loss in the GDP, I am amazed.  We are yet to have one declining quarter in the GDP much less four.  The part that bothers me the most is that people believe it and rather than continuing on with their daily live they fear the worst and hold back on spending.  In a sense creating the possibility of a recession.  The mortgage industry and banking in general has for the most part washed away the evils that defined this market.  Now on the other hand they are tightening even harder in order to create further lending problems and lack of capital for all businesses and people.  The pendulum will swing back to sanity again and probably a lot sooner than you think but do me a favor.  Realize the economy is strong enough to survive this too, and will recover stronger again.  Go out and spend a few dollars.  By that new watch or TV you have been thinking about.  I know I will. 



One Response to “What Recession?”

  1. sellinganatolia Says:

    I could not aggree more. Poeple need to stop fearing that which does not exist. In fact people shoudl go buy a home now while the deals are still out there. Housing sales increased 19% last month.

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