Folsom Live

Folsom Live will be coming this weekend to Sutter Street.  Saturday the 27th is Folsom Live and the street will be closed and fenced off for the attendees.  This event brings several bands down to the street to play and entertain all the people who attend.  Last year it was packed! 

This year I will not be there because I will be golfing in Shasta for the whole weekend.  (Check Back next week to find out how I did(  MY lovely wife will be working at the Sutter Club all day to help you get the party started.  Get down there early even if you have tickets the parking and seats fill up fast.  You may want to take light rail which I believe will be running late to accommodate the event.  You can get your tickets from the Chamber on Wull Street. 
One of our company owners will be in attendance and will be playing latter that night withhis band Joe Friday.  Russ Knapp the base player for Joe Friday is a partner with Rory (My Step Dad) in the ownership of Avalar Real Estate and Mortgage Network in Folsom and Roseville.  So stop on by the Hotel at around 9 pm to say hello to the band.



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