Folsom Fall Peddler’s Fair

ON Sunday September 21st, Folsom will host it’s annual Fall Peddler’s Fair on Historic Sutter Street.  This fair is a lot of fun and a good way to get an early jump on Christmas shopping for that hard to buy for relative.  There are many unique and one of a kind items to choose from.  Peddler’s come from all over to display and sell there goods.  It is like having EBay on Sutterstreet.  There is a lot to do for the whole family.  Gun good and rare items will make you enjoy the parking mess.  The light rail will be running so many people park at the light rail stations and ride the train down to the Sutter street stop.  You can park at the outlets on Iron Point or at the Glen station.  I am not sure but the light rail may even be free to those going to the fair.  The parking garage at the corner of Leadsdorf should also be a great place to find parking if you get there early.  Remember women you can go shop the fair while your man relaxes at the Sutter Club watching the NFL games and NASCAR.



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