Monday Nicht Football

Tonight my Cowboys are playing the Eagles on Monday Night Football.  I hate the Eagles and am very excited ab out watching the Cowboys beat them up.  So far in my Fantasy league I am 2-0 that is unless the Cowboys kicker sets a record and scores 51 fantasy points as a kicker.  We did not have as good of a week this week as we did last but still got enough points to win.  Having a partner this year has been helpful.  We have been lucky and avoided any injuries so far, but we will have to make a decision in week 4 when two of our receivers will be on bye weeks. 

Monday Night Football at the Sutter Club is a lot of fun and a lot of times they will have food for the customers.  Last week Moma made Buck stew.  She typically makes it when the Packer’s play the Vikings on Monday Nights.  It was very good.  I think Cyndi is just doing pizzas tonight, so no home made stuff this week.  If you get a chance stop on by and say hello, I will be there as long as the Cowboy Haters don’t get out of control.


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