A day at AT&T Park

Yesterday I played hookie from work to go with my wife Cyndi and brother in-law Rondal to the Giants day game at AT7T Park.  Time the kid was on the mond seeking his twelfth win of the season. 

Tim The Kid

Tim "The Kid"


My nephew Gunnar and Rondal’s niece were with us as well.  It was the second time my wife and I had been to At&t but the first for the rest.  It is a fantastic ball park with lots of things to do and look at, Oh, and there is a game going on too.  We got their early and had our hot dogs, after a bus ride from the other side of the bay.  We got to the Ferry late so we had to ride the bus but got there with planty of time.  Cyndi is not much of a sports fan but she loves going to the game and it seems to raise her enjoyment of the sport.  The Giants’ won i n an impressive starting performance and Randy Winn had a 4 for 4 day.  Arron Rowand had a homerun and drove in three runs total.  We capped our fun day by staying with my sister in Fairfield and playing some games.  If you have not been to AT&T Park it is worth it evan if your not a Giants fan.


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