I have almost never eaton anything raw.  I don’t like Sushi, and until last night I have only tried oysters once and did not care for them either.  So with that said sometimes you try thinigs to be cool.  My beautiful wife Cyndi and I went out to diner at Scott’s Sea Food in Folsom last night with my friend and past client Ty and his girl friend Courtney.  I had just helped Ty buy his first home and helped him get his loan.  Ty wanted to get there before 6 for their Oyster speacial happy hour.  He and his girl girl friend had barely sat down at the bar before he dropped the questiono on me.  :So, Nick are we going to get you to try a raw oyster.”  I said I would try one maybe two.  I gues he really likes them because he ordered 24.  I got some Calamari also and proceeded to drink my martini (KEddle One up and Dirty if anyone wants to know) when the oysters came Ty got one all fixed up for me with Horse Radish and vinegar.  I tried it and it was ok.  I had another one to try a different kind, and then we all felt pretty full after appetizers so we decided to order more oysters and just have soup for dinner.  After we ordered 20 more, wow they can put those away, I had a few more and called it quits.  I guess I can’t say I won’t eat oysters anymore.


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