Sutter Club Golf

So Sutter Club golf is a little different than normal golf.  We start early and that means start early with everything including drinking.  We played in the 2ND annual Sutter Club golf invitational at Turkey Creek Golf Course This Sunday JUNE 1ST (Steve) and it was a blast.  The format was a 4 person scramble which is always nice because I don’t have to hit my own drives.  Which are always short and right. 

My team was made of of my best friend Steve, Will the old door guy from the club, (by old I don’t mean age he just doesn’t work the door that often anymore) and Will’s step dad Howard.  Howard was our ringer.  We had several good shots andlost a lot of golf balls.  After the really long golf round we all met back up with the other 70 or so people who played in the golf touriment at the Sutter club for prizes and food.  Much to our surprize our team won a prize.  We didn’t take first (that was Coach and his boys with 112 under) nope we took worst!  Which none of us can figure out sense we only shot 3 over.  Larry the owner of the Club said we were the most honest golfers and we won $100 and free entry into next years invitational.  I guess it pays to be honest and count your strokes right. 


Spacial Thanks to Sandi Walker and Larry Smith for putting on the tournament, and to all those who volunteered and helped out.


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