Right Friend Wrong Day

My friend Steve has been my best friend for 19years.  We have been through a lot together and been there for each other over and over again;.  A month or so ago I was asked if I would like to put a team together for the Sutter Club Golf Scramble, which I of course said yes to.  I had a friend and his step dad that wanted to play with me so I needed a forth.  I called Steve and he was excited to play with us.  The cost for the tournament was $75 and needed to be paid in advance.  As the tournament got closer and closer I began bugging Steve to come down and pay.  He kept telling me he was in but had not paid yet, so of course I was a little worried when I called him this Friday two days before the tournament and his cell phone had been disconnected.  I called his dad knowing that I would at least get a message to him that way and began thinking of other people I could get to play if Steve flaked on me.  Later that night he called me to let me know he was in and would pay on Saturday.  I was relieved but still a little worried because he is waiting until the 31st to pay for the scramble on the 1st.


 Then thanks got more interesting. 


Saturday morning at 6:30 am when I was still asleep my phone starts ringing.  It rings twice and from a number I don’t know so I did not answer.  Then a knock comes on my door.  I climb out of bed completed confused and wondering who it could be.  When I answer the door, in my underwear, it is Steve standing there.  “Come on Nick, aren’t we going golfing?”  Steve says.   “June 1st, Sunday!”  I reply.  “oh, May has 31 days in it.  Uhhh see you tomorrow than I guess.”  Steve says.  “ I guess I will go get coffee or something sense I am up I will be there tomorrow.”  I laugh at him and headed back to bed, but sense I was already up I this point I decided to call him back and tell him to meet me at the Sutter Street Grill in 15 minutes, so I could take a shower and get dressed.  After breakfast we went and played 9 holes at Rolling Green and then went to the Sutter Club to have a couple drinks, and so Steve could pay for the tournament for the correct day on Sunday.  We laughed a lot about it and had a great time that day and the next although it wasn’t all part of the plan.  Right Friend, wrong day!




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