Lost and Found

Lost and Found


Many of us know the feeling of losing something or even someone that we care very much about.  Sometimes we have no control over the loss, but other times it is because of some action we have taken.  If we are lucky, we find that thing again, and the feeling we get from finding what we lost gives us great joy, sometimes greater than the first time around.  Over my life, I have lost and found many things and lost and not found many things, but there is one that sticks out in my mind, and it is still one of my most valuable possessions. 


When I was fourteen, my mother took her old wedding band from her marriage to my father and had it melted down and made into a beautiful ring with my initials on it “NW” woven into the form of the band.  It was spectacular to me, and I was proud to have it.  For two years I was not allowed to wear it because it was too big for me, but finally when I was 16 I was allowed to wear it, and I showed it off to everyone.  During this time of my life, I was involved in the school plays.  I was acting in “The Crucible” and playing the part of a common jailer.  My director thought the ring was too flashy for the character, and so I took it off and placed it in the toe of my shoe and left it in the dressing room.  Amidst the hectic changing of costumes, the ring must have been kicked loose from the shoe.  When I came back to the room to get dressed and go home it was gone.  I was devastated and spent several hours with the help of others looking for it.  When I finally went home, I laid in bed terribly upset and feared having to tell my mother I had lost the ring.  The next day I was too upset to go to school and instead I lay in bed. Later that afternoon, I headed up to the school hoping that maybe just maybe I could find it.  It was fourth period by the time I got to school and just after lunch when I went straight to the drama room not bothering to go to class.  When I walked in the room my teacher said, “Nick, where have you been today?” I told him I was upset about the ring and came only to look for it again.  “Nick,” he said, “We found your ring this morning.  I have been trying to find you to let you know!”  One of the freshmen kids then ran up and handed me the ring. I was overcome and sat down in amazement.  It was such a great feeling; I did not know what to do. 


The ring has not left my finger since, save to clean it.  I learned something that day: think about what is important to you, and take good care of it, or it just might wind up in the lost and found.   



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